Hairdresser & Owner

Full of life, quirky and open-minded, Ann-Marie is an avid reader of fantasy novels populated with fairies and elves. Curious by nature, she loves scuba diving and discovering the mysteries of underwater life all around the world.

She first acquired experience on television sets at TQS. She also worked as an instructor for a hair coulour company for several years. She ranked amongst the best candidates in many competitions throughout her career. In 2016, at the prestigious Contessa awards, she won the title for Canadian colourist of the year.

Astrological Sign: Pisces


Hairdresser & Owner

Kath is funny and loves a good laugh. Her passion for gastronomy and her constant search for new and surprising flavours brought her to travel all over the globe.

Always watching out for new trends, Kath attends every convention and enters every competition, either as a contender, or simply to glean new knowledge.

The owner of the salon, she is dedicated to the well-being of her coworkers and clients and always listens to everyone’s needs. Known for her impeccable styling technique, she knows how to showcase every hair type, no matter the texture, length or colour. Her energy and easygoing attitude will win everybody’s heart.

Astrological Sign: Pisces


Hairdresser & Sex Symbol

Pete is a big fishing and hunting enthusiast. When he’s not spending most of his time with his family, this new dad likes to sit in the woods and wait for his next catch.

For a long time, Pete was the only man aboard. He specialises in men’s cuts of all types. He accumulates success over success by being nominated amongst finalists in many prestigious competitions year after year. The winner of the All-Star American Crew title in 2013, Pete teaches and shares his knowledge by offering master classes to professionals all around the world. Fan’s Favourite at the 2017 Contessa, he has won the esteemed award for Men Hairstylist of the Year at the NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) in 2019.

Astrological Sign: Virgo



Lily is always working on a myriad projects. Whether she’s refurbishing her house or prepping for a backpacking trip, she simply can’t help but to busy herself with a million plans!

She’s always been attracted to arts and fashion. Her creativity and passion for hairstyling allow her to always keep her clientele up to date on the most recent trends. She is kind and reserved, but her sense of humour will surprise and charm you. Skillful in every aspect of her work – colour, cut, styling and upswept hairdos –, she is a most talented hairdresser!

Astrological Sign: Virgo


Quiet and sweet, Sonia is thoughtful and sensitive towards everybody. She started her career as a hairstylist by opening her own salon in Montréal, which she ran for 10 years. Wanting to further her training and eager to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, Sonia enrolls in as many courses as she can in order to develop her skills and knowledge in hairstyling.

The proud mom of a young boy and lover of the great outdoors, she dreams of having her very own lakeside cabin. Sonia is always cheerful and attentive to her clients’ needs : she’ll undoubtedly become your go-to stylist!



Nicknamed « Dr. Love », Laurence sets herself apart from the crowd with her infectious joie de vivre. She likes to have an active lifestyle, do sports and watch movies.

Hairstyling is Laurence’s passion and she can’t say which part of her job she loves better! She was given the Governor’s General Award for her outstanding academic success during her time as a hairstyling student. Always considerate of her clients, she will put you at ease and make sure you have a fun and relaxing experience while in her capable hands. You are sure to have a great time in her company!

Signe Astrologie: Balance ascendant mère Thérésa

À ne pas faire: Commencer à lui parler de films... elle n'arrêtera JAMAIS!



Benjamin is a geek at heart. He’s a great comic book enthusiast and loves movies and art that transport him to imaginary fantasy worlds. A true DC Comics encyclopaedia, he knows absolutely everything about his favourite heroes.

Passionate about men’s hairstyling since the beginning of his studies, Benjamin’s strength lies in his ability to easily understand the needs of his clients. Constantly trained by a master hairstylist, he is always perfecting his skills. After working as a barber for a few years, Benjamin was selected to join the team at Salon Espace C and is now Pete Goupil’s coworker at the Tiny Barber Shop.

Signe astrologique: Cancer ascendant Geek

Passion: Est plus fasciné par les supers héros que les enfants le sont!



At first, Sandy may seem a little shy, but come October and she will surprise you with her consuming enthusiasm for everything related to Halloween!

With her inquiring mind Sandy is on a constant quest to find new things to learn. Kind, quiet and mindful, she will give you the very best hairstyling experience.



Linda est une passionnée et une extravertie! Un petit rien l’émerveille et sa bonne humeur est contagieuse.. Sa grande sensibilité et son perfectionnisme font d’elle une artiste qui aime plus que tout créer et se dépasser.

Son amour depuis 20 ans pour  la coloration l’a amené à travailler pour de grands noms dans le domaine de la coiffure et elle a gagné plusieurs compétitions comme coloriste à L’Aba de Montréal ainsi que finaliste au Color trophy de l’oréal professionel.

Son intérêt pour les gens et sa curiosité pour les différentes cultures l’ont amener à voyager et vivre à l’étranger.

Pssst. Un conseil… ne lui parlez pas de son chien Gustave, elle ne pourra plus arrêter !

Dicton: Vivre et laisser vivre

Signe astrologique: Vierge ascendant TDAH